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Default Swedish players: Tether help needed!

I haven't seen any Swedish locations described as Tethers in canon, but plan to send one group of players there--most likely to the Uppsala area, since it's not as "loud" Symphonically as the capital (but still has decent adventure hooks and sites). It's been several years since I've gone there myself, so I have only four sites as definite Tether candidates:
  • Livets Ord Scandinavian HQ: minor, to Fanaticism in my campaign, probably Factions in canon; either way, a Habbalite Seneschal is a must. ;-)
  • Linnaeus' Home: average, to Destiny, possibly shared with Flowers.
  • Uppsala Cathedral: average, to Stone (it's seen more as a unifying symbol of the city than a house of worship, these days--and it IS mostly stone).
  • The grave mounds at Gamla Uppsala: average, to Asgard--and one of the few non-Hindu Ethereal Tethers with a strength above Minor, nowadays. Watched closely by both Infernal Death and the Sword; neither side wants to see the Aesir getting too strong locally!

Can anyone else familiar with the area suggest some additions or changes? (Keep in mind that some superiors are different in my campaign...some old Words have new occupants, and some are alive when canon says otherwise.)
Ingeborg S. Nordén

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