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Default Re: Is Transhuman Space a "silly" genre?

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
It certainly captures what your position is, but it doesn't do anything for the fact that 'viewpoint' is about as provable and disprovable as a soul: while it might be comforting to think that one's viewpoint exists and is unique (non-copyable), there's no way to detect another person's viewpoint (as separate from their mind!).
There is no need to prove viewpoint. I know that I have a viewpoint, and in fact, my viewpoint is the starting point for all knowledge I have of anything.
And I know that you have a viewpoint and that it's different from mine. Both are axioms that cannot be rejected without abandoning any possibility of reaching rational conclusions or of communication and discussion.

By the very fact that you are discussing what my position is, what I think, and how it differs from what you think, you are accepting that I have a viewpoint. If you didn't believe that, there would be no point in your talking with me.

Bill Stoddard
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