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Default The Problem of Identity in THS

Originally Posted by Molokh View Post
Good point. Which is, in fact, a general good point about THS: it forces you to consider some things which we are used to take in stride without thinking.
Some people, SF fans and philosophers of metaphysics for instance, don't need much forcing. It's the problem of Identity, the Parable of Theseus' Ship, and people have been playing with it since Aristotle. It is, therefore, worth reading some of teh SF and metaphysical philosophy that addresses the issues. It can be fun, too.

I recommend the book The Mind's I, which is a collection of profound and amusing writings on the metaphysics of identity and consciousness by various authors taking different positions, assembled and with reflections by Douglas Hofstadter and Daniel Dennett. It's a good read, not too heavy, and very much on topic for Transhuman Space
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