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Default GURPS Official Template List

Folks –

To save the sanity of GURPS writers and new GURPS players, I would like to assemble a complete list of all character templates in published GURPS Fourth Edition print or PDF titles. Please note the emphasis! Only templates for archetypes and professions are in the running – not racial templates, meta-traits, etc. Only published Fourth Edition products count – not Third Edition items and not fan content. However, a PDF is as good as a printed book; in fact, given how many PDFs have templates in them, that's the project's heart and soul. And yes, Pyramid issues count!

Please cite templates as follows:
Template Name (Full Book Title, p. 00) [points]
  • Template Name is the heading used in the actual book, however vague it might seem out of context.
  • Full Book Title is the actual title of the book, in boldface italics, with the "GURPS" intact, and any volume number or subtitle included. Note that Pyramid titles look like this: Pyramid #3/10: Crime and Grime.
  • p. 00 is the starting page number for the citation. Don't mess with pp. 00-00 or similar.
  • [points] is the basic template cost, even if lenses offer other options.
For example:
Bandit (GURPS Fantasy, p. 116) [75]
Fast Guy (GURPS Action 3: Furious Fists, p. 6) [250]
Justiciar (Pyramid #3/10: Crime and Grime, p. 4) [250]
To do this right, simply quote the previous post, remove the [QUOTE][/QUOTE] tags, and file your additions in alphabetical order. I'll start the ball rolling with a few examples, the later of which add to the earlier. After that, you can add to my list.

Please don't ask questions in this thread. If you are confused, start another thread.

Thank you very much!
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