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Default "Official" Rulings

When you post a question to this forum, Erik and I assume that you're asking for the way things work according to the official rules (including their official clarifications, some of which haven't actually been written down because no one's asked the right question yet).

If we aren't sure, we'll make it explicit that we're giving an unofficial answer, our best guess, and try hard to get back to the thread to give you the official answer once we've had a chance to put our heads together and consult Them Who Tells Us When We're Wrong.

When we DO make an official ruling, you're allowed to disagree with it -- POLITELY. We have even been known to change our minds when presented with a good argument. (Steve never changes his mind; reality merely shifts around him to conform to what he has always known.) But it's kinda silly to ask on the official Munchkin Quest forum about the official Munchkin Quest rules and then claim that you didn't get an official Munchkin Quest ruling.

If you don't like the official ruling, no one's going to force you to play that way at home in your own living room . . . but that doesn't change the fact that you're using a house rule at that point. If you play in a tournament or at a demo, you'll be expected to know and play by the official rules as written and interpreted by SJ Games staff -- which is why it's so important for us to be clear on this.
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