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Originally Posted by b-dog View Post
Pooka (The ultimate shapeshifter but starts out as a horse)
Pooka (Worthy)

A trickster among tricksters, the Pooka have the size and speed of a typical saddle horse in their natural forms but can take on the shape of any animal they see (including humans). They are stereotypically known for luring travelers to their doom by offering a ride across a river and then transforming into a small fish in the middle, but are smart and versatile enough to change up the routine when the situation warrants it and often serve as the elite spies of the Forest Queens.

ST: 21      HP: 21     Speed: 5.25
DX: 10      Will: 12   Move:  8
IQ: 12      Per: 17
HT: 11      FP: 11     SM: +1
Dodge: 9    Parry: 9  DR:  0
Hooved Kick (11): 2d Crushing
Horse Bite (11): 2d-5 Crushing

Traits: Combat Reflexes, Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Enhanced Move X1 (Running), Hooves, Horizontal, No Fine Manipulators, Peripheral Vision, Sense of Duty (Nature), Surefooted (Slippery), Trickster (12-), Weak Bite,

Skills: Brawling DX+1 [2]-11, Fast Talk IQ+2 [8]-14, Swimming HT+2 [4]-13,

Special Powers: Mimic

Class: Faerie

Notes: Prefers to negotiate, but rarely does so in good faith.
I started off with the stats for your basic Saddle Horse (Basic p 460) here, dropped Domestic Animal, upgraded base IQ to 10, and tacked on Dependency and SoD (Nature) to bring them in line with the mentality of the typical faerie creature, and then added the Basic Trickster template (with the Trickster, Perception, Brawling, and Fast Talk options), the Strange Trickster template (with Mimic), and the Swift Stalker template (with Swimming and Surefooted for Slippery).

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