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Labyrinth Lurker (Lesser Boss)

This is the classical Minotaur who goes deranged one day, neglects his hygene, and takes up residence in a cavern network, deserted mine, sewer system, or other set of twisty tunnels, all alike, and starts hunting adventurers.

Their reflexes honed by hunting such dangerous prey, these are the Minotaur serial killers humans write horrified legends about.

ST: 20	HP: 20	Speed: 6
DX: 13	Will: 9	Move: 6
IQ: 9	Per: 13
HT: 13	FP: 13	SM: 0
Dodge: 9	Parry: 10	DR: 4* (9 on skull)
Great Axe (16): 3d+5 cut at reach 1,2*.
Impaling Horns (16): 2d+3 imp at reach C,1.

Absolute Direction; Acute Hearing; Bad Smell; Bad Temper (12 or less); Berserk (12 or less); Bully (12 or less); Combat Reflexes; Night Vision 3; Peripheral Vision.

Skills: Brawling–16; Stealth–15; Tactics–11; Traps/TL3–12; Two-Handed Axe/Mace–16.

Special Powers:
Power Blow–23 (1 FP; Instant-use at skill 13. Doubles ST to 40 for one blow - 4d+9 imp for Striker, 6d+4 cut for Axe.

Class: Mundane (Minotaur)

Notes: Killer, Power Killer, Greater Power Killer, Stalker, Cunning Stalker. Labyrinth Lurkers are strong enough to swing their massive axes every round without penalty. Don't worry about parrying - Berserk makes that a bit pointless. Generally unwilling to negotiate - prefers ambushes to conversation. Generally wears leather armor (heroes may loot).

Upgradable to a serious Boss by adding Swift Killer - The more attacks this guy is throwing out, the more terrifying, even without using Power Blow.
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