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The Autumn Queen (Greater Epic Boss)

Known as the Harvest Queen, the Lady of Lengthening Shadows, and many other names (but never what her mother called her before her coronation), the Autumn Queen is both eye-bleedingly beautiful and bone-chillingly terrible to behold. The death of all natural things is her domain, but also the ripening of the life-giving fruits and grains. Plants and living creatures wither and die at her approach, feeding her vitality with their own. Her goals are inscrutable to outsiders, but grand in scope, and her faerie minions and mortal pawns are many and deadly.

ST: 11      HP: 15     Speed: 5.75
DX: 10      Will: 24   Move:  5
IQ: 18      Per: 16
HT: 13      FP: 25     SM: +0
Dodge: 8    Parry: 10  DR:  0
The Sickle of Autumn (14): 1d+4(5) Cutting

Traits: Appearance (Transcendant, Universal +5), Awe (-1 to Awe Resistance), Charisma +5, Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Impulsive (12-), Indomitable, Lifebane, Overconfidence (12-), Power Investiture x3 (Druid), Sense of Duty (Nature), Terror (-2 to Fright Checks), Unfazeable, Vulnerability (Iron x4),

Special Powers: Hypnotic Voice (Magical), Epic Immortality (Achilles' Heel: Iron), Vampiric Aura (Magical), Wild Talent X9 (Magic Spells Only -20%)

Skills: Axe/Mace DX+4 [16]-14, Diplomacy IQ+1 [8]-19, Intimidation Will+1 [4]-25, Leadership IQ+1 [4]-19, Occultism IQ+7 [28]-25, Sex Appeal HT+6* [4]-19, Tactics IQ-1 [2]-17, Traps IQ [2]-18, Wrestling DX+1 [4]-11,

Spells: Nature! IQ+5* [48]-23,

Class: Faerie

Notes: Prefers negotiation, but not to the extent that one might expect from her sisters when she has her muscle with her. Her sickle is a lootable Very Fine Ornate Silver weapon enchanted with Penetrating Weapon (Armor Divisor 5).
I started off with Mailanka's Forest Queen here, keeping its Basic Trickster, Luscious Trickster, and Strange Trickster templates intact, and then added Clever Trickster (with the Leadership option), Nightmarish Trickster (yes, she has every single Trickster template and can choose between Awe or Terror; that's how the Queen of Autumn rolls), the Basic Brute template (with the HT, Wrestling + Axe/Mace, and Vulnerability options), the Stolid Brute template, the Strange Brute template (with the Vampiric Aura and Vulnerability Options), the Basic Caster template (with the Druid and Lifebane options), plus the Arch Caster x2 (more Occult + Nature), Power Caster (Ditto), and Wild Caster x3 templates, and Epic Durability (Immortal). Her Wild magic will generally be used to simulate mastery of the Food, Meta, Mind Control, and especially Necromancy colleges, but her Sense of Duty prevents her from violating the natural order with things like zombie creation despite the extent of her reach beyond the boundaries of life and death.

Elite Pixie Honor Guard (Lesser Worthy)

The best of the best Pixie Soldiers, usually encountered protecting one of the grand Queens of the four seasons or carrying out her direct bidding. They are as fragile, flighty, and eager as their lesser brethren, but more brave, more alert, more experienced at the arts of war, and capable of brewing their own poisons in the field. They also tend to have a more romantic temperament and a heightened appreciation for beauty, consistently enough that it may be a positive factor in their selection, but their steely determination to please their Queen by putting a poisoned arrow into the eye of anyone who needs it outshines all else about them.

ST: 5       HP: 1       Speed: 6.75
DX: 17      Will: 15    Move:  6/12
IQ: 12      Per: 15
HT: 10      FP: 10      SM: -6
Dodge: 10   Parry: 11F  DR:  0
Pixie Shot (23): 1d-4 impaling (Acc 1, Range 50/75, RoF 1(2))
Teeny Tiny Fine Rapier (17): 1d-2 Impaling

Traits: Appearance (Attractive +1), Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Enhanced Dodge, Impulsive (12-), Flight (Winged), Lecherousness (12-), Magery 0, Night Vision 3, Sense of Duty (Nature), Silence X2

Skills: Bow DX+6 [24]-23, Intimidation Will+2 [8]-17, Poison IQ-1 [2]-11, Rapier DX [2]-17, Stealth DX+6 [24]-23,

Class: Faerie

Notes: Willing to negotiate, especially if they receive praise from the heroes or are in danger of not completing a mission otherwise. Always have venom of some kind.
These guys are just the Basic Pixie Soldier again, only with the Greater Assassin Stalker template in addition to Basic Stalker, and the Basic Trickster template added with the Willpower, Lecherousness, Rapier, and Intimidation options.

Captain Red Leaf of the Autumn Guard (Lesser Boss)

The toughest, boldest, fastest, smartest, and most charming of the Autumn Queen's honor guard, Red Leaf is as deadly as he is small. Hot-tempered for a pixie, he doesn't hesitate to challenge larger creatures to a duel when he feels that he has been slighted. His magic cloak of maple leaves renders him invisible when he wills it, but he prefers to be seen when possible.

ST: 7/8     HP: 3       Speed: 7.25
DX: 19      Will: 17    Move:  7/14
IQ: 14      Per: 17
HT: 10      FP: 20      SM: -6
Dodge: 12   Parry: 16F  DR:  0
Pixie Shot (26): 1d-3 impaling (Acc 1, Range 70/105, RoF 1(2))
Teeny Tiny Very Fine Ornate Rapier (20): 1d Impaling

Traits: Appearance (Attractive +1), Bad Temper (12-), Combat Reflexes, Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Enhanced Dodge, Enhanced Parry (Rapier) +2, Impulsive (12-), Flight (Winged), Lecherousness (12-), Magery 0, Night Vision 3, Sense of Duty (Nature), Silence X2, Striking ST +1,

Special Powers: Invisibility (Magical)

Skills: Bow DX+7 [28]-26, Brawling DX+3 [8]-22, Intimidation Will+2 [8]-19, Leadership IQ+1 [4]-15, Occultism IQ+2 [8]-16, Poison IQ-1 [2]-13, Rapier DX+1 [4]-20, Stealth DX+6 [24]-25, Tactics IQ-1 [2]-13, Traps IQ [2]-14, Wrestling DX+2 [8]-21,

Spells: Plant! IQ-1 [12]-13

Class: Faerie

Notes: Willing to negotiate, if his Queen wills it. Always has venom of some kind. His weapons are lootable, but his magical cloak of leaves only works for him.
Just like the Elite Pixie Honor Guard, above, but with the addition of the Graceful Brute template (with Combat Reflexes), the Strange Stalker template (with Invisibility), the Clever Trickster template (with Leadership), the Power Caster template (with Plant spells), and the Basic Killer template (with Bad Temper, Brawling + Wrestling, and the extra ST bonuses).

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