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Heroes expect to face the Goblin-Kin in battle. The gruesome tusks and growling faces of orcs loom luridly in dungeons and the fate of kidnapped damsels is written in the dull, ugly features of Half-orcs. Goblins scurry and growl beneath the feet of their heavier kin and massive hobgoblins tower and roar before the horde that stands ready, like a black and green tide, to rampage through human civilization.

Goblin-kin run the gamut from civilized to monstrous, with Orc cities and Goblin merchants standing side-by-side with bone-filled, graffiti marked orcish dungeons filled with barbaric kin. The monsters detailed here are the latter sort and do not represent the whole of goblin-kind. These are the brutish, nameless green-skin masses that die by the dozens on heroic blades.

While many listed here will be Worthy, consider lowering them to Fodder as the heroes rise up the ranks. Orcs seldom challenge heroes forever, except for other, orcish heroes. Eventually, they dwindle to mere foot soldiers of evil while the heroes ride out to face graver threats.

Goblin Skirmisher (Lesser Fodder)
The smaller (though not tiny), frightened lesser kindred of the Orcs, Goblins aren't good for much but running away, so some clever Orcs gave the most cowardly some bows and arrows and asked them to at least shoot arrows while they were running away.

Goblin skirmishers play to their strengths, carefully laying ambush and then attack, but the instant anything goes south, the goblins will panic and run. Some have been known to panic and run at the sight of the heroes, who are bewildered by the sudden sight of brush and trees erupting with well-armed, previously hidden goblins racing the other direction screaming and waving their arms in panic.
ST: 10      HP: 11    Speed: 6
DX: 12      Will: 10  Move:  6
IQ: 9       Per: 11
HT: 11      FP: 11    SM: -0
Dodge: 9   Parry: NA  DR:  0
Sharp Teeth (12): 1d-3 cutting
Short Bow (12): 1d-2 impaling, (Acc 1, Range 100/150, RoF 1(2))

Traits: Appearance (Ugly), Cowardice (6, -4 Fright Checks), Infravision, Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3),

Skills: Stealth DX+2 [8]-14, Bow DX [4]-12

Class: Mundane (Goblin-Kin)

Notes: Goblins are as likely to simply collapse out of terror when struck, and quite a few will “survive” death. Consider rolling stealth to see how well they fake it. Always willing to negotiate, and in fact, only fight at all because bigger goblins force them to.
Goblin Berserker (Fodder)
Some Goblins choose a different solution to their cowardice: the get so hopped up on mushrooms that they foam at the mouth and rush their foes in a berserker frenzy, dying even while kicking and screeching at their foes. The sight of a short goblin wielding a club nearly as big as itself strikes many delvers as so humorous that they the actual lethality of their blows takes them by surprise.
ST: 12/13   HP: 11    Speed: 5.5
DX: 11      Will: 10  Move:  5
IQ: 9       Per: 10
HT: 11      FP: 11    SM: -0
Dodge: 8   Parry: 9*  DR:  0

Sharp Teeth (14): 1d cutting
Big Club (12): 1d+6 crushing, unready after attacking, -1 due to lack of strength.

Traits: Appearance (Ugly), Berserker, Cowardice (12 -2 Fright Checks, mitigator: mushrooms), Infravision, Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3),

Skills: Brawl DX+3 [8]-14, Two-Handed Axe/Mace DX+2[8]-13

Class: Mundane (Goblin-Kin)

Notes: Goblin Berserkers rush their foes, giving no thought to defense, and always All-Out Attack, usually Strong or Determined, rather than Double (as they wield unbalanced weapons). Incapable of negotiation while drugged. If the players manage to end or outlast the berserk rage, the goblins are again subject to cowardice and generally just scream and run away.
Goblin Taskmaster (Lesser Worthy)
Goblins are smart, at least compared to other goblin-kin. Half the reason they're so scared all the time is that they know they're gonna die and really would rather not. Hence goblins tend to prefer cushy positions such as conjurers, performers and merchants, generally anything less lethal than “necromancer's henchman.”

Still, occasionally one of the brainy goblins finds his way into the service of some dungeon master, and his fellow goblin-kin hand him the reigns to power, giving him dominion over the rest of his goblin brothers (though never the orcs or kobolds. Perish the thought!). Unfortunately, nobody listens to him. At least he gets a big, pointy hat to wear while shouting orders that everyone ignores before his own survival instinct kicks in and he goes racing away. Big, pointy hats are nice.

ST: 10      HP: 11    Speed: 5.25
DX: 10      Will: 14  Move:  5
IQ: 13      Per: 17
HT: 11      FP: 11    SM: -0
Dodge: 8   Parry: 8   DR:  0
Sharp Teeth (10): 1d-3 cutting
Goblin Dagger (12): 1d-3 impaling

Traits: Appearance (Ugly), Cowardice (12 -2 Fright Checks), Infravision, Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+3),

Skills: Knife DX+2 [4]-12, Fast Talk IQ+3 [8]-16, Tactics IQ-1 [2]-12, Traps IQ [2]-13

Class: Mundane (Goblin-Kin)

Notes: If Goblin Taskmasters have time to prepare ahead of time, allow them to make a tactics roll to exploit the heroes disadvantages, or a trap roll to set up a clever trap. Goblin Taskmasters know the strength of Goblin Infravision, so will prefer to set up night-ambushes. Perfectly willing to negotiate, especially if pinned down. Very good at it too.
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