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Default Faeries

Faerie Folk

Deep in the forests, high in the mountains, where nature lays long untouched by man, strange things grow and wander. The Faerie Folk hold their courts beneath the bows of majestic, ancient oaks and in underwater palaces or in the secret spaces beneath the floorboards of old temples. When humans and Faerie Folk meet, anything can and often does happen, ensuring the event is memorable, fascinating and frightening for both parties.

The Faerie Folk aren't monsters, necessarily, but their strange ways and their mercurial natures often puts them on the wrong side of a delver's sword. Uncivilized and weird, Faerie Folk can justify using monster templates due to their unusual approaches to combat. Still, they shouldn't be treated as completely mindless monsters. More than most, Faerie Folk have a reason for what they do, it's just bizarre reasons.

The Faerie Folk racial templates can be found in Dungeon Fantasy 3: the Next Level. Below are some monsterized versions.

Faun Knight (Worthy)
Sturdy Fauns are all too willing to “safeguard” faerie princesses and rush out, heading out into battle for the sheer pleasure of the dance. Still, Faun Knights take their role as Faerie guardian very seriously, and have mastered the art of the shepherd's crook to perfection, wielding it with impossible skill.
ST: 11      HP: 16    Speed: 6.5
DX: 13      Will: 12  Move:  6
IQ: 10      Per: 13
HT: 12      FP: 12    SM: +0
Dodge: 10  Parry: 19* DR:  0
Horns (15): 1d crushing
Hooved Kick(15): 1d crushing
Shepherd's Crook (22): 1d crushing, 1d+2 crushing

Traits: Acute Hearing +2, Animal Empathy, Combat Reflexes, Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Enhanced Parry (Spear) +2, Lecherousness (12), Musical Ability 2, Sense of Duty (Faeries) Sense of Duty (Nature)

Skills: Acrobatics DX [4]-13, Brawling DX+2 [4]-15, Staff DX+9 [36]-22

Class: Faerie

Notes: Willing to negotiate. Especially with hawt chicks. Or hawt whatever.
Leprechaun Pranksters (Greater Fodder)
These pint-sized, angry, green-wearing pranksters love to stick it to those snooty, arrogant humans. They'll climb up onto tables, waving their shillelaghs angrily while shouting insults in their thick brogue to anyone that will listen. As soon their opponents round on them, they race away, clutching at their hats, relying on their Ridiculous Luck while they and their comrades cast Charms on their foes, completely hampering their ability to fight.

When they can be asked to join forces with other Faerie kin, they lend their magical strength, while relying on strength in numbers to keep their own alive against dangerous delvers.
ST: 6       HP: 4     Speed: 5.5
DX: 12      Will: 13  Move:  5
IQ: 12      Per: 12
HT: 10      FP: 10    SM: -4
Dodge: 8   Parry: 9   DR:  0

Shillelagh (13): 1d-2 crushing or 1d-3 crushing

Traits: Bad Temper (12), Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Magery 1, Ridiculous Luck, Sense of Duty (Nature) Trickster (12)

Skills: Broadsword DX+1 [4]-13, 3 Spells at IQ-1[2]-11

Class: Faerie

Notes: Can be reasoned with (if drunk), otherwise, really ****** off and only going to negotiate with you in an effort to get your guard down. Leprechaun Charms mean all the little bastards have three spells. A list of favorites include: Beast Summoning (not control, just summoning) Clumsiness, Fumble, Explosive Fireball, Perfect Illusion, Flash, Invisibility, Animate Object, Curse, Drunkenness, Forgetfulness, Winged Knife, Blink, Tangle Growth, Animate Plants, Plant Form Other, Shapeshift Others. For the interest of expediency, assume all Leprechaun fodder have the same three spells. Remember, one fodder only has enough fatigue to cast one spell once. Often drunk.***
***Ha ha, yeah, you think these guys are cute. But if you throw a mob of Leprechauns at your party, and they end up drunk with a lampshade on their head, staring stupidly at their sword, running from rampaging bears, tripping over their own sandal-laces, and making out with a pole that it mistook for a beautiful woman, don't come running to me to complain about it. Kromm gave them the Charms and Ridiculous Luck, I just slapped a template on it. I put "Greater" in their tag for a reason, so don't say I didn't warn you.

River Queen (Worthy)
Also called Forest Queens (or Kings), the mind-numbingly beautiful nymph nobility don't bother to fight. They do have swords, but really, they have people for these things. The princes and princesses of the rivers, lakes and forests move elegantly, trailing a long gown or cloak grown out of leaves and flowers, or woven together with strands of river water, with their long hair cascading behind them. When they face delvers, they don't draw their weapon or go on the offensive, they just ask the delvers to leap off cliffs or come join them beneath the lake. That's all.

River Queens often lead other Faeries into battle (by asking them, of course). They personally detest violence, probably because they're so bad at it.
ST: 10      HP: 10    Speed: 5.25
DX: 10      Will: 13  Move:  5
IQ: 13      Per: 13
HT: 11      FP: 11    SM: +0
Dodge: 8   Parry: 8(F)DR:  0
Faerie Rapier (10): 1d-1 Impaling

Traits: Appearance (Transcendant, Universal +5), Awe (-1 to Awe Resistance), Charisma +5, Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Impulsive (12), Overconfident, Sense of Duty (Nature),

Special Powers: Hypnotic Voice (Magical)

Skills: Rapier DX [2]-10, Diplomacy IQ+1 [8]-14, Sex Appeal HT+6* [4]-17

Class: Faerie

Notes: Prefer negotiation, because they're at their most dangerous when they can talk. If the heroes aren't interested, they'll use Awe to slow them down long enough to start talking.
Pixie Soldiers (Fodder)
Swarms of brightly colored pixies wearing gaudy uniforms occasionally accompany Faerie Royalty or engage in raids against human settlements. The minute squads arrange for perfect ambushes, intent showering their foes with miniature (poisoned) arrows, when their impulsiveness ruin their plans as they suddenly rush forward, eager to engage the enemy before his comrades do, crying out in shrill, hummingbird voices about how they are a better shot than a rival pixie, before getting splattered by the heroes.
ST: 5       HP: 1     Speed: 6.25
DX: 15      Will: 10  Move:  6/12
IQ: 10      Per: 11
HT: 10      FP: 10    SM: -6
Dodge: 10  Parry: NA  DR:  0
Pixie Shot (15): 1d-4 impaling (Acc 1, Range 50/75, RoF 1(2))

Traits: Appearance (Attractive +1), Dependency (Mana, Constantly), Enhanced Dodge, Impulsive (-10), Flight (Winged), Magery 0, Night Vision 3, Sense of Duty (Nature)

Skills: Stealth DX+2 [8]-17, Bow DX [4]-15

Class: Faerie

Notes: Willing to negotiate, especially if they receive praise from the heroes. Always have access to venom of some kind.
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