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Default Re: The Stars Are Right - Why play minions?

The special abilities that the minions give you are powerful if used right.

The two permanent ones may be the best. Holding an extra card gives you 20% more options than you'd otherwise have each turn. And discarding an extra card makes it much easier to get crap out of your hand that you don't need, which gives you better options.

The discarding minions are somewhat more questionable in value, but I've won the game with a Dhole. I had gotten out two Chaugnar greater servitors and discarded my Dhole to go through all the Chaugnars in the discard pile -- with two bonus stars, I knew there was at least one version of that Great Old One that I could summon. And there was. I've seen Gugs and Tinadaloos used very strategically as well -- almost always for the purpose of getting bonus stars for a Great Old One, of course.

Should you focus on minions? Of course not! But If you can't get anything else out, and can summon a minion, you'd be a fool not to IMO. More options are always better -- and just because they're not worth any points, that doesn't mean they can't get you points indirectly.
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