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Default Re: Cards for the current administration

Originally Posted by Rocket Man View Post
Plot Card: Bridge to Nowhere

Good for a temporary reputation boost, this card lets you take an action from an opposing Government Group and give it to one of your own Personalities. This cannot be used on a Group that is a direct puppet of an Illuminati -- the Secret Masters keep a close eye on their own books.
I like the card, but am not sure how it has to do with the Bridge to no where.... could you explain your reasoning?

Also, here is one I came up with, let me know if you think it's fine hwo it is or if it needs tweeking before I make a card:

Hopenosis (plot)
Play to give a personality +10 power and +2 Global power do to the hope their speeches now inspire all across the world! this is a free action and the bonus is permanent, but if the group ever takes part in an action that fails the masses lose faith in the speakers message of hope and the affects of this card end.

I was also thinking all the accused fake-grassroots efforts going on during this health care debate needed a card, my initial idea was a NWO:

Astroturf (blue NWO)
Corporate groups may now choose to count as green and green groups may now choose to count as corporate, of course only if it benifits them.

((I think this would be a blue, it seemed to fit there the most))

Hitlerize (plot)
A target personalities opponeants have found a way to compare them to Hitler, easily demonizing and marganalizing them. For the rest of the turn no groups will come to the aid of the Hitlerized personality.

I also think MSNBC needs a card! I was thinking Power 1, Resistance 3 or 4. Make it Liberal, Corporate, and MEdia. But I'm not sure what to put for it's powers.... what ever it is I want it to be WAY lamer than what ever the FOX NEWS card I make ends up. Cause, well... their ratings still suck in comparison (no matter how much I think Rachel Maddow rocks!!!!)

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