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Default Re: [IC] In Nomine -- The Redemption of Eli

Nechama (AKA Naomi) sat thoughtfully in the staff lounge, thinking of the message she'd just been given by her Lady. She, like the Archangel of Creation, was a Mercurian, a Friend of Man, and delighted in those moments where she could surround herself with the wonderful complexity of humans and their relationships, she could certainly understand a desire to wander freely through that web of relationships.

But, she thought he is an Archangel, surely an Archangel must have a deeper reason then that to wander so long without telling the Council what he is doing? He is the most ancient of the Mercurians and one of the most ancient beings in existence, he wouldn't absent himself on a whim. He must have some special mission he wishes to accomplish. I must do as my Lady bids me, and endeavor to find out what that is, and ensure that he is safe from the knee-jerk reactions of Judgement, who would assume guilt without proof

With those thoughts, she finished her coffee and prepared to go home to the apartment near the clinic where she currently resided.

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