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Default Heb Rhoneniel


The humpback whale glided through the water, not thinking, just enjoying the senstation of neutral boyancy, the water pressure on all sides, the smooth movement.
A snippit of whalesong caught his attention. This was not a sequence he heard very often. With a swish of his tail, he turned toward the other humpback whale approaching him.

He trumpeted a few notes. >>My Lord<<

The other whale responded. >>Heb Rhoneniel. It is good to see you. It has been a long time.<<

The notes that the two angels were sharing would have been rather mystifying were any native humpback whales to have overheard it.

Rhoneniel said, >>How may I serve you, my Lord?<<

It is not obvious to air-breathers exactly what the sign of a whale might sound like, but that is the noise that Jordi made. The two whales glided together, travelling through the water, saying nothing. For two such ancient creatures, the younger of which counts his age in many millenia, it is possible to remain patient in a conversation for extended periods of time without discomfort.

>>It is Eli,<< the Archangel of Animals finally said. >>We are worried about him, as is everybody. I am afraid that Heavenly politics may tear him apart, make whatever it is that is currently beseiging him get even worse.<<

Rhoneniel unwittingly remembered the Fall, the pain that it brought him, and the aftermath.

>>I have no patience for Heavenly politics,<< Jordi continued. >>The Host in its unhealthy obsession with humans seems to have increasingly adopted a human model for resolving disputes. You, however, despite not even being a Mercurian, have managed to appreciate the potential of human society in a way that I believe I may never be able to do myself.<<

Startled by the statement, not sure if it was a compliment or a censure, Rhoneniel remained silent.

>>Novalis and I are going to send some of our trusted servitors to try to track down what Eli is doing. Creation is an important force in the Symphony. With the actions of the Fallen, we do not need our own actions rupturing Creation further. Find him, find out what he's doing, and share it with me, so that those of us sympathetic to Eli might help him before he is torn apart by the overly human-focused Archangels.<<

>>Yes, my Lord,<< Rhoneniel responded. >>How and where may I meet this task force?<<

>>In two days, at Golden Gate Park. Go in your human vessel. I will be there,<< Jordi responded.

The Archangel of Animals swam off, leaving Heb Rhoneniel to his meditations... meditations now far more confused than the Zen-like state he had achieved before the meeting.
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