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Default Re: On assembling teams for GURPS Action . . .

A data point only: My current secret-agents campaign has five PCs. They weren't expressly built on the Action templates . . . but basically, they were, as I created a template system that was adapted from Action and designed to work at the same power level. So far, the players have had good luck with this mix (lens in blue, templates in red):
  • Criminal Demolition Man/Wheel Man
  • Intelligence Face Man/Femme Fatale (see Pyramid #3/8)
  • Law Enforcement Infiltrator/Investigator
  • Military Assassin/Demolition Man
  • Security Face Man/Medic*
* This PC is on break while his player is away. To make up strength, the PCs have a part-time NPC:
  • Intelligence Hacker/Wire Rat
Edit: For extra fun, match the PCs in my campaign recaps to the list above. More clues will appear in the recap that I hope to write up this coming weekend, which will cover two sessions.
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