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Default Re: What to buy... What to buy...

We just managed to grab Booty 2 and it is hilarious! Adds some good stuff.

We have:

Munchkin 1,2,3,6
Booty 1,2
Super 1,2

I love them all. They are each unique.

Original seems to take longer and build up slowly. Super, you seem to build up level bonuses very fast and the games seem to go quick.

Booty seems to be about in the middle.

All are fun.

We can't decide which to get next actually; we keep debating. My friend said he may snag Fu 1 and 2 today since 2 is OOP. I'm hoping to get some deals at Gen-Con and I wouldn't mind coming home with all the rest of 'em. I'd like to play them all individually and then snag blender and start some chaos....hehehehehe....

As an aside, I love the fact that the CCG's we used to play, I'd plunk down about $350 a set, 4 times a year. For that much, I could about have all of the Munchkin sets. That is so great!
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