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Default Re: tHEhERETIC's Inspired Post And Choirs

LOL my name on a thread!

Kyriotates, I do love them. Don't think of them so much as multiplicity of host. Think rather of multiplicity of perspective. I mean really, why see things from only one angle, when you can see 360 degrees, just by picking your eyes correctly? Why see only ground level through a human when you can also see overhead through a hawk? Why limit yourself?

(Kyriotates are pretty much impossible to sneak up on.)

And only demons use people/animals. We possess, but we have to. The least we can do is not trash our temporary homes. For their valuable perspective we really must give them something in return. It's a bit like tipping at a hotel--you're a lot more welcome if they remember, and it's just plain nice even if they don't.

I find Kyriotates whimsical.

As for Impudites--shudder. Pacifists or not, they're demons. Imagine a sociopath who is really, really good at playing the friend. Hiya buddy, say I'm short five bucks and I'm really hungry. Can you spot me for a hamburger? What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine, as long as I can weasel it out of you. Leech. Freeloader from Hell.
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