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Originally Posted by DorianTheMen View Post
To make them more dangerous I suggest to give the Zombies an Habit rewarding the last moments of their 'alive' life: something like a cop zombie that stays pointing the gun somewhere (even if he have not a gun), or a slut zombie waiting for the client, etc... It won't be so easy to say:'that is a zombie!' and they will disguise someone... just to reveal the surprise afterward.
I think the Zombies are plenty dangerous already. I don't want to give characters a nervous tic. It's going to be scary enough with the hoards after them, rather than having to worry if the cop is really a cop, or whatever. Besides, personal thought on Zombies is that they're just walking hunger. No memory what so ever, not even muscle memory. Though cops and such seem to take longer to become dried out husks because they were more fit to start with. But hey, if you want to roll up a game like that. Feel free. My people like rolling dice more, so if I started hiding Zombies in real people persona, all my NPCs would die horrible deaths of misidentification.
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