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Default Re: tHEhERETIC's Inspired Post And Choirs

Belseraphs: The ultimate Post Modernists. Nothing is fixed, even the hours in a day. No wonder they are so paranoid. Reality changes every second and the only option is to force reality into their personal version to feel safe.

Djinn: Because of the nature of their resonance etc, and the fact that they constantly fail and DO care about things, I can't see too much difference between them and cherubs

Calabim: They've gone from moving to watching everything else move and by 'move', I mean rot. Shown a picture, they see layer upon layer of pollution, destroying pigments. A model, a meat sack slowly sagging. And they can make that go faster.

Habbalah: Bug nut insane. Insane does not mean stupid. They don't see people, they see a keyboard. Push A for Anger, Push B for Bathos...And they can guess exactly what button A will do. Life is only passion. Impulsive as any Ofanim.

Shedim: Mine are very far off canon, so it doesn't apply plus the problems understanding Kyriotates follow this one. Though how mulitplicity somehow becomes Hellish Horrorshow is a bit of a disconnect.

Lililm: They are Chinese Monkey Copy Demons made by a human. That's why Princes buy them. They are effective Semantically human, culturally different.

Impudites: Not sure. But they see all humans as cattle.

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