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But back to the OP's main question: imagine celestials as highly specialized beings. It's both their strength and their weakness: an Ofanite can get you anywhere, anytime, but he must keep moving. A Seraph is a walking lie detector, but he can't lie. In neither case does any other way even occur to the angel's thought processes until he's faced with a bad dilemma.
As a general concept this may seem basic, but to understand that this is so intrinsic to the character that they don't see any other way naturally is sort of an epiphany to me.

Seraphs would almost be like those River People or Dwarves in Terry Pratchett's Diskworld universe, unable to normally wrap their head around WHY someone would even try to lie. It's as obvious to THEM as someone defecating in public. The fact no one else can see that means that they are sometimes as offended by their comrades who try the same thing, frequently unthinkingly.

Cherubim express Devotion. Taking someone as the end all and be all (worse then Teenage Girls in some ways) Every time they attune, it's like converting to a new religion or a new cause. They may very well lack a sense of humor at disrepect, criticism or emotional trauma offered to their wards. Touchy seems to be a

Ofanim: What do you mean 'stop'? Just doesn't compute

Elohim: Spock "Oh, he seems to have anger issues" as he sees the carnage of a mass murderer. Always a cold fish.

Kyriotates are too alien for me to understand at the best of times.

Mercurians: Violent movies would be sickening to them. And soap operas quite unpleasant, as bad relationship followed bad relationship. Not to mention it's obvious falseness.
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