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Default Re: Resident Evil Template

Zombies are kind of easy, because most are slow and can only walk. Even groups shouldn't be difficult unless one is truly dense and/or immobile. Molotov cocktails (High-Tech) can help as well.

A few more trouble monsters I can think of, off the top of my head: Crimson Heads (super fast, strong and DURABLE), Leechmen (stupidly resilient and strong coupled with Reach. Probably the most dangerous "standard" enemy), Hunters (especially Gamma variety, which can swallow a man whole), Lickers (wallcrawling coupled with excellent Reach), Chimeras (as Lickers, but faster and less reach), and Giant Spiders.

Interesting thought though: do runner zombies need to make a DX roll as they run up/down stairs, or are they assumed to be agile enough? Resident Evil REmake skirts the issue by having static backgrounds with 3D zombies, so their feet "skate" along the ground.

If you're going with Injury Tolerance (Unliving) for the zombies, you may want to lower their HP, as they may end up being "too" durable versus 9x19mm Parabellum. The stronger zombies can have normal or above HP as needed.

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