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Default Re: Steampunk Elves!

Originally Posted by quarkstomper View Post
I had decided that there are both elves and humans in this world, with the elves largely acting as the aristocracy. (What about dwarves, she asked this evening; are there any dwarves and what are their roles? Need to think about that)

Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?
The aristocracy could be made up of 1/2 elves, 1/4 elves etc, rather than full bloods. Different human ethnicities could be matched to different types of elves. EDIT: The pure blood elves could have died out.

Dwarves could be itinerant engineers, with strongholds in geographic locations which suit the setting. Personally, the idea of dwarves with Welsh accents appeals. A dwarf with a mug of tea and cheese toasties...

Orc's: umm, nomadic mercenaries. Maybe something akin to the Dirlewanger Brigade, who apparantly had a habit of taking every cow, pig ,and horse that they came across, rendering them part army, part stock drive.
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