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...because we run the game every night and I don't have a lot of time for planning.

I'm jealous.

Originally Posted by quarkstomper View Post

Lute decided she wanted her character to be a gadgeteer and a human. I had decided that there are both elves and humans in this world, with the elves largely acting as the aristocracy. (What about dwarves, she asked this evening; are there any dwarves and what are their roles? Need to think about that)

So I'm having her start out as an engineering student at an American university. My original plan was that the campaign would mostly take place in England and Europe, but I wanted to establish her character first; so I'm starting her off in college at William and Mary in Virginia.

Is slavery still an issue? That's something I haven't decided yet. Did the British Parliament ban slavery in America, or is that one of the areas where the crown is permitting local rule to determine things? Or did the British and/or Americans work out a way to gradually phase out the "peculiar institution"? I need to work that out pretty quickly.

Anyway, that's some of what I've come up with so far. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?
Lots of ideas to consider. First of all how were the other races introduced into the world? Have they always been there, are they transplants from another dimension, are the result of shadowrun-esque spontaneous re-evolution etc?

I think that's the most pertinent question to answer first.

Other than that, or perhaps a segue from that, how do the races integrate into society? An entire sub-species could be enslaved - orcs maybe. That would be interesting given our generations abhorrence of slavery Players may feel sympathy to the idea of slavery even for a percieved 'monster' race and it might be an interesting campaign itself to tackle the subjugation of these orcs.

As for elven aristocracy, i imagine that most humans will despise this notion and do everything they can to bring to the elitist bourgeoisie elven empire toppling down by the proletariat human, dwarven factions possibly supported by the uprising of the orcish slaves.

As for steampunk, there are alot of things to make it interesting. I like to detail the technology in it's simplicity and complexity by explaining how things work so it encourages players to modify it, especially for innovative engineer characters.

I like to toss a few really cool gadgets/tech to the players early on to get them interested/excited. Like an airship, or a clockwork pistol to kind of give them a sense of comfort and confidence.
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