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Default Re: The GM Guide saga continues ...

Originally Posted by Rocket Man
A question for those in the know (and for the rest of us to recklessly speculate on)

While browsing through Warehouse 23, I noticed that the In Nomine Game Masters Guide (usually on the list as "out of print; check these dealers") is no longer listed at all. This suggests to me that either:

1) Its Forces have finally been disbanded for good and it has remerged with the Symphony,


2) That it is about to receive a new Vessel courtesy of e23 and no longer needs reference to its former corporeal form.

Anybody happen to know which it is? Or at least have interesting guesses?
I suspect #2 is more accurate, with the proviso that "it is about to receive a new Vessel" is on the same timeline as "the Zadkiel and Marc supplements are about to receive Vessels".

SJGames doesn't appear to like having products go out of print, but there's only so much time in a day and so many projects to work on.

(Besides, used copies of the GMG tend to sell for about half what people ask for used copies of the Liber Canticorum - I'd rather see the songbook on e23 first.)
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