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Default Re: The GM Guide saga continues ...

As sad as the former would be, I think the latter would be even sadder. I'd have to run through the table of contents to get a mathematical number (and my copy is boxed away since it didn't make the cut to send out West when I moved cross-country a bit ago), but I'd estimate from memory that 60-90% of the material in the book was definitely on the less-than-helpful side of things. As a whole, it does very little to prepare a GM for actually running a game of IN and instead talks about things like tone, contrast, and the like which aren't nearly as important. Useful things to think about, yes. Worth a whole book? Not really.

I'd have much preferred to see more crunch (example Servitors, Ethereal beings, corporeal beings, artifacts/talismans/relics, Tethers, so a GM could have some more options to play with without buying a whole suite of books of extremely narrow focus), and waaay more about rules adjudicating, dealing with resonance in-game, keeping a party of demons together, playing NPCs (especially Superiors) well, plot hooks, themes to explore, and so on and so on. Things useful for someone running a game, not just planning one.
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