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Default Question on Seraph resonance (MHC spoilery)

I tried so hard to avoid posting this, reread Core and APG, errata, and FAQ. And it doesn't help.

I have an NPC coughRyukicough whose curiosity leads him to test the limits on whatever celestial he comes into contact with. And now he's in a room with a Seraph, the only one he's met that he knows is a Seraph, and he wants to see what will trigger resonance and what won't.

There's a third person in the room. (Technically a fourth person--there's a Cherub there also but he hasn't figured that out yet.) His intention is to lie to her in a language (Japanese) he believes the Seraph does not speak. The lie's intention is both to deceive her and to test the Seraph, so I believe it should register as a lie. The Seraph will likely be Listening intently, but the lie is not directed at him, except as an experiment.

So, does the Seraph Hear the lie? Check Digit? What if he lies directly to the Seraph in Japanese? Lies to the third party in English?

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