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Default Re: Translation problems in new GURPS Lite Spanish

Originally Posted by Kuroshima
It's true that the Spanish that is spoken in Latin America is a different dialect from the one spoken in Spain, but it's mostly because the one spoken in Latin America uses a slightly different vocabulary (Mostly using worlds and constructions that are out of fashion in Spain) and a very different accent.
Completely true.

It can be really hard to understand (but then some English accents are quite "special") for a Spaniard like me, at least at the beginning (...)
Yes, often it is difficult to understand well for Spanish people. It happens to me.

Trust me on this. It's like someone didn't have enough time to meet a deadline, and put parts of another translation to try to make it look like he translated it.
Seconded: the translators of GURPS Lite Spanish (or whoever responsible of the document) have gulled SJG here.

Originally Posted by stefanj
I guess this is not as much of a factor in written works.
It is somewhat noticeable. However, the accent isn't a problem in this context.
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