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Default Re: Translation problems in new GURPS Lite Spanish

Originally Posted by stefanj
(...) Just curious here!
Sure. The straight and simple answer is: Spanish is Spanish ;^) (*)

As a quick instance, when you install Windows XP or Vista in the computer, the language options are: Spanish (International) and Spanish (Spain).

It doesn't incorporate Italian or Portuguese. At most, it absorbed some English words (joking, sometimes we call that phenomena as "Spanglish"), mostly -but not exclusively- by the Latin American usage.

Originally Posted by stefanj
Spanish speakers would know this far better than I, but could some of the Italian and Portuguese words be due to the use of a more European flavored dialetc?
That isn't the case, and it would be pointless because Italian, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish... all them are romance languages, sharing the same roots. All them are equally European.

After reading better the PDF, definitely this GURPS Lite Spanish is completely awful, and I really second Kuroshima's suggestion of removing it of e23 until it can be fixed.

(*) While Spain is suffering a increasingly rapid disintegration process due provincial separatist motivations, currently still can be affirmed the existence of the Spanish language, independiently of the strong political polemic that unavoidably accompanies all the issue -and isn't my wish to raise it.
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