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Default Re: Translation problems in new GURPS Lite Spanish

Originally Posted by Kuroshima
First, I'm native Spanish speaker
Me too. Like you, this concerns me in a degree. I didn't know this new version, so I just downloaded GURPS Lite 4e (Spanish).

"Wow!" (after glancing it).

Originally Posted by Steve Jackson
It would surprise me a lot to find out that the man who translated GURPS Lite to Spanish - who is himself Spanish - got the languages mixed up. Can you tell us why you think this is partly in Italian?
It is surprising, but actually he did that.
...Or something really close to that: it looks as Portuguese or maybe Italian (I don't know these languages). Kuroshima's example is true: the text he quoted here isn't Spanish.

Originally Posted by Kuroshima
This is not a full review of the mistakes in GURPS Lite Spanish Edition: (...)
This is not Spanish. It feels like Italian or Portuguese. This happens in most (or all, I didn't to a through checking) the text boxes.

Now, it's not the only problem, just the most visible one
Cerrtainly. While there are some things better translated than in the earlier edition (IMHO), due this mess you are demonstrating here the current version of GURPS Lite 4e (Spanish) can be hurting GURPS regarding Spanish-speaking people.

Honest. Maybe it could be fixed.
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