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Default Card Game vs Board Game

Lessons from the front:

I've demoed Munchkin Quest at Spiel and have been translating the game for the Dutch market the past week, these are the lessons and pitfalls I've encountered so far.

Pitfalls can occur if you assume, like me, that you already know the board
game because you know the card game.

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  • Read the rules carefully. Munchkin Quest is not Munchkin. It differs enough from the card game to warrant a very good read of the rules. No browsing.
  • Read the cards carefully, too. Many things that you might think are the same are not. Don't assume that a card with the same name as a card in Munchkin works exactly the same way. This will be repeated, in different ways, several times in this list.
  • You do not automatically win when you reach level 10. You win after killing the Boss.
  • Your turn doesn't end after combat. Your turn ends after you run out of Move.
  • If you kill a 2-level (i.e. a Fearsome) monster you go up 2 levels. But if you are helped, both you and the helper go up 1 level each!!
  • A lot of 'old' monsters have had their level and abilities changed. Read the cards.
  • A lot of 'old' Items have changed. Read the cards.
  • All Races and Classes have changed. The Classes now have d10 Powers. Read the cards.
  • Death has changed. You start with a Health value. If you run out of Health, then you die.
  • No more looting the body. Items and gold are dropped in your room. Other cards are discarded.
  • You get a hit of damage for each monster in a combat you lose.
  • Not every one can help or interfere during a combat. Only players in your room or an adjacent can become your helper. When using Throwable items (e.g., potions) to aid or interfere, you must be in the same or an adjacent room.
  • A lot of rooms have Deals. Read the tiles.
  • Combat and Searches involve die rolls.
  • Rooms can have good (green) and/or bad (red) icons. Read the tiles.
  • All doors are equal. Except for the movement cost all munchkins can move through any type of door. So why the different type? Monsters usually can only move through open passages and regular doors. A lot of monsters have special rules concerning doors, though. Read the monster card. Also, the Classes and Races may have special rules concerning doors. Read the cards.
  • You now have a backpack. A lot of players of the card game believe that there is a backpack in Munchkin, but that is not technically true. Munchkin Quest does have a backpack and it can only hold two items you can't use.
  • Gold pieces are non-items with a value.
  • You can play a Race/Class card at any time, even on someone else's turn.
  • Monster enhancer cards stay on the monster if you don't kill it, and can even be played on a monster when there's no combat going on.
  • If none of the Bad Stuff can effect you, you do not get a lucky break, but you take another hit.
  • Full color images. Not really a pitfall or lesson, but it's nice to see the Plutonium Dragon in full color.
  • No Duck of Doom (weep)
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