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Default Re: Member House Rules

A few of the classes need a little bit of love. Anyone have some house rules to help balance some of the classes?

My suggestions:

Warrior: +2 for each discarded card. +1 isn't much, +2 even feels a little weak, but at least you can do it 3 times.

Gadgeteer (Space Munchkin): In addition to other abilites, a gadgeteer may jury rig one item and equip it even if he does not have the class or race normally required to use it. He still requires hands/slots as normal.

Thief: Cannot steal if level 1. Being able to steal someone's +6 laser and make it your own +6 laser is 10x worse than any other ability/card, with the exception of a card combo to force someone to run away from a deadly monster and then using something to make escape more difficult/impossible. A smart thief would steal everyone else's stuff and happily take their discards to steal more stuff (being level lowest level), then sell all of the junk to rocket up in levels and then stomp and eat Cthulhu. And it's mate.

Cultist: Gets a permanent +1 for each appearance of Cthulhu, retroactive if gained later. I'll have to think on a better bonus for this in blended games where it's not as likely to appear.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

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