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Default The Next Big Thing: SCSI eGURPS

Originally Posted by Kromm
I've said it lots and I'll say it again: All "generic universal" means is that a single rules set handles every genre. It doesn't mean that the rules set handles all genres equally well, or that it's 100% self-consistent, or that it suits every style of play. Not one of those things has any bearing on "single rules set" or "every genre." This isn't the Self-Consistent Style-Independent Equitably Generic Universal Roleplaying System, although SCSI EGURPS sounds kind of cool and high-tech.
Greetings, all!
Folks, don't take this seriously.
So, Kromm has recently made a great prophecy regarding the next step in the evolution of roleplaying systems. Now, how many of you would want 5th edition to be SCSI eGURPS? If yes, what would you want to change the most; what would you not want to change/standardize/etc.? How much of the '10000 ways to build a toaster' would you want to get rid of?
Okay, it's semi-serious. Maybe.
Thanks in advance!
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