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Default Re: Munchkin Pawn Rules!

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan
What rule would you create for that, though. I don't remember Zombies to fit in the Roll-and-Move category, but I could be mistaken about that. (It's been too many years since I made the mistake of saying, "Hey, this game goes too short, let's add in another box!" A 5-hour Zombies game is likely to burn you out, especially when you're playing with a bunch of Munchkin players who don't want it to end. Did I mentioned, I started the game at midnight?)

First, low-effort thought: Using a Munchkin Quest pawn, you always have a chainsaw. There's a card with game info on it, as I recall, so let's just use those. . . :-)
Zombies does use the roll to move feature, but I like your idea of starting with a chainsaw. I have a friend who is a Minion for Twilight Creation (funny thing is I was the one who introduced him to Zombies and Twilight Creations), I'll have a sit down with him and see what he thinks.

But I really like the start with a chainsaw rule. :)
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