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Originally Posted by MIB #0325
Let’s make these suggestions for expansion for the game realistic, ok?

So I will start.

1) Munchkin Mecha
2) Pulp Munchkin
3) Munchkin Conspiracy

I seen these old ideas several dozen times in the past. Lets take ‘Munchkins were it’s never gone before‘.

1: MTV

Munchkin TV

That's 70's Munchkin (That's 70 show).
Munchkin Idol. (America Idol).
Who what's to be tenth level? (Who wants to be a millionaire?)

2: Munchkin The Musical.

The Sound Of Cheating.
The Rocky Bites Picture Show.
Jackie And The Amazing Technicolor Karate Belt.
Phantom Of The Dungeon.

3: Munchkin The Motion Picture.

The Wrath Of Erik.
How The Munchkin Looted Christmas
X-Munchkin. The last stand.
X-Munchkin ‘The last stand 2‘. This time we mean it.
X-Munchkin ‘The last stand 3‘. This time we really mean it.

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