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I think Munchkin Impossible is a great set, because it's a game almost all players can imagine the setting (everyone has seen action movies with spies in it). The other sets require a bit more imagination or geek-factor. When I introduce Munchkin to others, I use M:I because of the above (and because the set is quite balanced IMHO). Although I haven't played it yet, I think that Muchkin Booty and The Good, the Bad and the Munchkin are also great for starting players.

Maybe a new set should be something closely related to the real world, like the suburbs of a big city (where races are names of gangs and classes specific functions in the gang, like 'gettaway driver' who can have 2 vehicles or something, or 'grafitti tagger', who get's double the bonus of spray cans (one shots)). Players can instantly feel the ambiance and join in.

Title: Street Munchkin?
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