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Originally Posted by Shrale
Can you see if my purchase went thru or not, or if I got charged for double, etc.

Name on the purchase: Jay Alverson (above amount) at 2:31 pm Pacific.
This isn't an "official" customer support answer, since I'm not the go-to person for that. But I can help a bit while you write your question to them and wait for a response.

Anyway, I'm going to bet that you're using Firefox 3; there's a bug in that program currently. This issue has been dealt with elsewhere (see this thread for more info, including a fix; the relevant post is second from the bottom).

If your e23 account does not list the items you purchased, then the purchase has almost certainly not completed successfully; as I understand it, the code does "charge the credit card" and "add the item" in one fell swoop.

If your e23 account does have the items, you have been charged at least once; I don't think it can charge you twice, but I'm not certain.

Regardless, I would contact the proper customer support folks, as Paul suggested above. But following the linked tip should make your e23 shopping a bit easier in the future.
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