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Default Re: M1 Abrams in GURPS 4/e terms? Stats? Anyone done this?

Originally Posted by Qoltar
Okay , I did a quick search on the word 'tanks' - and didn't see much discussed in the GURPS section here.

Already looked in both CAMPAIGNs and HIGHT TECH - and I can't find 4/e GURPS stats for an M1 A2 Abrams tank.

Anyone taken a stab at this in the past 4 years?

How close is that vehicle thing? (pdf or real book?)

Okay, and a couple of other questions....:

What would happen if a modern day ABRAMS tank drove straight through a m,aifestation of the Banestorm - right in the middle of a battle and winds up on Yrth in the middle of a battle between a bunch of Orcs and soldiers, Knights from Caithness?? Or same story, but it drives right into a conflict/skirmish between Megalans and Al-Hazi or Al Wazif troops?

Could an Abrams tank be coverted into a crosstime conveyor in the INFINITE WORLDS/Homeline setting?

- Ed
Here's a quick attempt (approx. 20 minutes, including research)...

TL: 8
Vehicle: M1 Abrams
ST/HP: 200
Hnd/SR: -3/5
HT: 10 <-- standard for 4e vehicles, possible generous for a tank
Move: 1/20
LWt: 65 tons
Load: 2 tons
SM: +4 <-- on the boundary between +4 and +5, so I gave it +4 because of its sleek and stealthy design (well, for a tank)
Occ: 4
DR: 1650
Range: 275 miles
Cost: $4,300,000
Locations: 2CTX

Most of the Abrams use a 120-mm. gun, so I would just use the Russian 125-mm. one from High-Tech as a baseline, using the depleted uranium rounds described on p. 141, but tweak for things like range and ROF.

Information from...
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