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Default Re: DF Adventure: It Came From Wawne

When the players find the map and follow it they will meet a patrol of lizardmen coming from the temple. There will be 1 lizardman per PC and one lizardman leader and a swamp troll helper.

After this encounter the map will lead to a large opening of water in the swamp.When the characters find the spot on the map where the temple is located, there seems to be nothing in the spot but a large lake-like area surrounded by swamp. If the PCs investigate they will soon discover some Vausun guards. There is one guard per PC. They will try to swim in the swamp area and then attempt to grab the legs of the PCs and pull them under water to drown them.(using Wrestling skill) The vausun are hideous salamander-men with a muck brown coloration and similarly colored eyes. Their mouths are filled with needle sharp teeth and their hands have long webbed claws.

ST:15 DX:12 IQ:10 HT:12 HP:16 Will:12 Per:12 FP:12 Speed:6.00 Move:6/10 swimming SM:+1 DR:2 Dodge:9 Parry:10 (unarmed)

Bite:(16)1d+1 cutting
Claw:(16)1d+1 cutting

Traits:Claws(Sharp); Amphibious; Combat Reflexes; Doesn't Breath (Gills); Nictitating Membrane; Peripheral vision; Pressure Support; Teeth (Sharp)Terrain Adaptation (Swamp)

Skills:Brawling-16; Stealth-16 (18 in swamp water); Swimming-18; Wrestling-18

Once the PCs defeat the vausun, they will need to dive below the water surface to find a cave that leads to the entrance. Vision is very poor in the water and below a few feet it is completely dark. (-10 to vision) Even dark vision will be obscured due to the filth in the water. The entrance to the temple is a double doorway some 12 feet tall and wide. The doors are slime and muck covered and the lock needs to be picked at -5.

Entrance room: When the doors are opened the PCs will find that inside the door there is air and the water seems to be magically kept out of the temple. The main hall is large 20 feet wide and 40 feet tall. It is about 50 feet long. The hall walls are still covered with slime and driiping wet. The air is dank and foul and slimy things seem to burrow through the muck in the walls and frogs are hopping about.

When the PCs enter the hall they will will hear they sound of the door at the end of the hall opening. Out of this door comes a seven headed hydra. King Sardak is quite amused with his pet and wants to see the aftermath of the carnage it creates.

ST:25 DX:10 IQ:5 HT:12 HP:40 Will:12 Per:12 FP:12 Speed:5.5 Move:6 SM+2 DR:4 Dodge:9 Parry:N/A

Bite(15)2d+2 cutting (x7)
Tail(12)2d+2 crushing

Traits:Combat Reflexes, Extra Attacks 6; Extra Heads 6; Night vision 5; Peripheral Vision; Quadruped; Wild Animal

Skills: Brawling-15; Stealth-12; Swimming-15.

Class: Monster
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