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After the guard fort the trail is still at tracking-5 to follow. If the PCs are able to interogate one of the lizardmen or trolls then it will be easier to follow. During the trip there is a 1 in 6 per hour chance of encounterng a lizard man patrol on the trail. There will be 1 to 4 lizardmen (use stats for lizardmen in the fort).

During the trip there will be a giant snake attack.
ST:20 DX:14 IQ:2 HT:12 HP:20 Will:10 Per:12 FP:12 Speed:7.00 Move:7 SM:+2 DR:4 Dodge:10 Parry:N/A

Bite(16):2d-2 imapaling +follow-up 2d toxic(HT-4 to resist)

Traits: Combat Reflexes; Night vision 5; Wild Animal.

At last the PCs seem to have found the source of the problem. There is a huge mud embankment with many skulls placed on sticks surrounding the place as if to warn of the danger of this place. There are currently 5 lizardmen on guard duty here. They are on top of the embankment looking in all directions to watch for intruders. The lizard men use the same stats as the lizardmen guards in the fort. They will sound the alarm if they spot anyone. This will cause another 20 lizardmen and 8 swamp trolls to come out of the mud embankment to attack the PCs. There are also 4 lizardmen that are similar to the leader in the fort, they will stand back at first and decide what to do as the combat develops. If the combat goes badly for the lizardmen and trolls they will take a defensive maneuver and enter the cave dug into the mud embankment.

The cave in the mud embankment: There are other exits but they are well hidden and this entrance is quite obvious for it is a large cave dug out out the mud. At the entrance is a large pit which is hidden with mud, the lizardmen and trolls walk around it but it is -3 to detect and will do 2d impaling damage to any falling in.

Guardroom: There will be one lizardman guard per PC here.

Barracks: These are where the lizardmen sleep and eat (when not cooking at the campfire). Both male and female lizardmen live here. The barracks will be empty if the 20 lizardmen guards and 4 leader types come to the surface. If the lizardmen retreated, then they will fight here to defend their chief.

Egg Room: This room has both eggs and young of the lizardmen. They will be unable to attack.

Chief's Room: This is the room where the chief lives. He will stay in this room and wait for the PCs to enter and then attack. He has two guards that have the same stats as the leader lizardmen.

ST:20 DX:15 IQ:10 HT:12 HP:20 Will:14 Per:14 FP:12 Speed:6.75 Move:7 SM:0 DR:7(5 points due to shell armor) Dodge:10 Parry:13

Sword(20):2d thrust, 3d+3 swing (Leader has 1 extra attack)
Tail:(16):3d crush
Claw:(18):1d+1 cut

Traits: Claws(Sharp);Combat Reflexes; Extra Attack 1; Nictitating Membrane; Peripheral Vision; Striker(Tail, clumsy); Teeth (Sharp); Temperature Tolerance 3; Terrain Adaptation (Swamp).

Advisor's Room: This room contains a creature that looks like a snake-man but instead of legs it has a snake like tail in their place. This creature will wait in this room hoping the lizardmen are able to defeat the PCs. If the PCs enter this room the snake-man will touch a crystal on its necklace and disappear.

Treasure Room: This room has five large treasure chests. The DM can decide how much. Within one treasure chest there is a map with instructions. The instructions say to bring the captives to the ancient temple which is marked on the map. It is signed by King Sardak.

Captives Room: There are currently 12 captives that have been caught along the road way. There are 5 humans, 3 brownies, 2 nains and 2 elves. These are not adventuring types but rather merchants or erand runners. They are terrified and quite helpless.

Trolls Room: This room houses the 8 trolls that went to the surface, it is very smelly and dirty. They have only 100 gold pieces that they have been paid for their service.
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