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Default Re: Member House Rules

We adhere very strictly to the rule that it is only cheating if you get caught, as a result cheating has become rampant among our group, and we like it that way. This has caused us to enact a couple of house rules to deal with excessive cheating:

1) Your cards must be held above the table at all times. If you are caught holding cards below the table, those cards are discarded (no charity).

2) If you are caught cheating by using more items than allowed (i.e. 3 hands worth of weapons, 2 suits of armor), the person who caught you cheating decides which cards are discarded (no charity) to fix the cheating situation, and that person also gets to draw a face down treasure card.

3) If you are caught cheating by having more than 5 cards in your hand directly after your charity/discard phase, the person who catches you randomly draws cards from your hand to discard down to 5 (charity allowed), and also draws a face down treasure card.
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