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Originally Posted by MunchkinMan
I agree and disagree. . . I feel the Cleric is not underpowered, nor overpowered, but pretty much in balance with the rest of the Classes. I kind of question it when anyone says one Class is overpowered or "useless." In the end, I think it takes more experience playing before one begins to see the balance. I'll agree that there are points in time where one Class is more useful than another, but that, in no way, implies a lack of balance or usefulness, in general.

I have to agree with munchkinman here. I've been playing munchkin since the beginning (although that really doesn't have any relevance here), and I have yet to think that any one class is more or less powerful than any other class. That is one thing that keeps me coming back time and time again to play. Just the fact that anyone, new to the game or old, can sit down and learn the basics and win with any class, race, style, power or whatever. I do have to say that is one of my favorite things about this game, that they do seem to make sure that things are balanced (well at least till someone shows up with a bunch or promo stuff and tips the balance to their side).
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