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Originally Posted by Bazz
really? see, i see it as precisely the opposite - it allows you to burn race/class cards which are hiding the card you actually wanna pick up, like a level 1 potted plant to win the game. i love the cleric, easily my favopurite class from original munchkin. i consider it quite overpowered, and best of all, people don't tend to realise just how powerful it is.
I agree and disagree. . . I feel the Cleric is not underpowered, nor overpowered, but pretty much in balance with the rest of the Classes. I kind of question it when anyone says one Class is overpowered or "useless." In the end, I think it takes more experience playing before one begins to see the balance. I'll agree that there are points in time where one Class is more useful than another, but that, in no way, implies a lack of balance or usefulness, in general.
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