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Default Re: How impotant is combat to your game.

Originally Posted by Bending Arms
I personal admit to a least one fight during the game due to some PC action or its slowing down a bit. I guess in away I like action in game, stunts, fights, or a good chase is fun. Now it not all about combat, there puzzles, clues and NPC interaction also.
Varies all over the place. I've run a campaign that had only two scenes with combat rolls in two years of monthly sessions: one ship-to-ship battle and one scene where a character was having a seizure and needed to be restrained so the medic could work on her. I've run campaigns that had a big combat roughly every other session, and perhaps a minor clash in the odd-numbered sessions. My current swashbuckling campaign has a training scene every session and a serious fight every couple of sessions.

I tend to focus a lot on motivation, characterization, and social interaction; secondarily on world exploration and investigation. If fighting is relevant to the campaign theme, there will be fighting.

Bill Stoddard
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