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This is related to the discussion that is happening in this thread

First, in regards to Curse! Rations Spoiled, if you have picked up a die and rolled it then, IMHO, it is too late to try and save your steed. You have allowed the curse to resolve, and you risk being the lowest roll. It is all about choices.

This is no ordinary curse. It insidiously lurks about the party looking for food. When it finds food, it then must make a choice. Consider the die roll as the curse making this choice. As such this could be considered a mass-effect curse.

Whatever you do, the result is that you are scratching yourself (your steed) off the menu. (Magnificent Hat, or riding GMGS,etc). Yet, you still have to decide right away. Roll, or save yourself.

Then there is WR: "Cancels any curse". That is pretty definitive. With this option you would be taking everyone off the menu. Yet, you still have to make the choice. Roll the die, or be the Hero. There is no going back....

Just my two cents worth....Cheers!!

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