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Default Re: Using wishing ring against Curse! Rations Spoiled.

If wishing ring didn't say "cancels ANY curse" then i might be inclined to agree. it does not say "cancels any curse, before any attempt to resolve the curse is made" You can be cursed, try 13 things to prevent the curse, have them all foiled and then use your wishing ring. Would you apply the same logic?

"why did i do these other 13 things?"

The curse didn't effect the player until it killed his steed, at that point he can cancel it. He can cancel it as soon as it's drawn, he can cancel it if he has no steed, he can cancel it if he plays it himself and he has no steed but really wants to get two cards out of his hand. There are a nearly infinite number of strange things that may happen while playing Munchkin that may never make sense in real life, why pick out this one situation?
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