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Default Re: Using wishing ring against Curse! Rations Spoiled.

Originally Posted by MunchkinMan
Why? Just because it takes a while to figure out who gets to suffer the effects means that person can't defend himself? Would you say that the victim of a curse reflected by the Magnificent Hat doesn't get a chance, either?
Well, given the logic underlying other decisions where a roll is involved or an action is otherwise interrupted, that seemed the way to go.

It's just cheesy to say that someone plays Rations Spoiled, then part of the curse takes effect (the roll), and then the loser of the roll can cancel the whole curse retroactively. It's not right, any more than it would be to sell items after a Thief has discarded a card but before he's rolled the die, or to discard a Hireling for an automatic Run Away after you've rolled the die and failed. The principle, as you have stated on numerous occasions, is that once an action is started, it gets to resolve unless a card specifically says otherwise. Well, if the Curse has gotten to the point that people are rolling the die to see whose Steed gets carved up, that looks like it's long past where you could cancel it. The curse has already taken effect and ruined the food.

The Magnificent Hat is fundamentally different - the roll happens as the curse is "targeting" and before any sort of resolution happens, so it's perfectly reasonable that the curse can zip toward the Hat, rebound toward the owner of the Ring, and the Ringbearer can negate it "in flight." How does a post-roll Rations Spoiled cancel even remotely compare to that?

"Well, our food's gone, so we have to draw lots and carve up a steed."
"Well, darn."
(everyone rolls)
"Bill, you got the short straw."
"Yeah, but, um, look!" (plays Wishing Ring) "The food didn't spoil after all!"
"Then why did we draw lots?"

It's not like a Loaded Die situation, either - which, incidentally, would be perfectly fine to use on the C:RS roll, as that's part of "resolving a roll." The Curse part of Rations Spoiled is that everyone's food went bad; the roll just determines who suffers the consequences. I see nothing on Wishing Ring or C:RS that says you can use the Ring to opt out of or negate that roll.
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