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Default Re: First thoughts on D&D 4th edition

  • All the "Attack the enemy and benefit your ally" powers. These are very hard for me to visulize. Why can't you do each effect seperately? If I want to summon a magical force sheild and there aren't any enemies about do I punch the wall?
  • Warlocks are a core class. Seems to be drifting fairly far away from anything that resembles a standard archetype.
  • Gnomes are no longer a core race. This is going to make the 4e version of Eberron kind of difficult I suspect. House Sivis is now composed of what exactly?
  • Tieflings are now a core race. Personally I associate them (and the other planetouched) as being world specific. AFAICT there aren't any planetouched in Ebberon for instance. Also if they are going to include Teiflings as a core race, where are the other plane-touched?
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