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Default Re: Card Play and Discard questions.

Originally Posted by DenSpb
On our national forum two questions were raised, and I'm not quite sure in correct answer:
1) When discarding cards for powering ability what happens in following situation, when player tries to discard two cards:
  • (1) Cheat! and (2) Cheated small item
  • (1) Cheat! and (2) Cheated Big item, when player has second Big item.
  • (1) Convenient Handles and (2) Item that CH was applied to when player has second Big item.
  • (1) Knight Light and (2) second piece of Headgear.
  • (1) Item Enhancer and (2) Item that had the enhancer
  • (1) Race/Class Modifier from Munchkin Dice/Blender and (2) Race/Class
Are all of these cases treated as discarding 2 cards?
Hmmmmm. . . Any time a card is permanently attached to another, discarding one would force the discard of the other. That's 2 cards you're discarding, and I don't see that they count as anything else. We are talking about cards, and not Items or Races that you are specifically discarding, yes? If the ability you are using says to discard an Item, than anything attached to an Item would go, but it's still one Item.

2) Does all following cards fall under "can be played at any time during your turn or as soon as you get it" rule?
  • Cheat
  • Epic Junior
  • Old Edition
  • Created Using Cinematic Rules
  • Sudden Head Blow
  • Wand Of Dowsing
Hmmm. . . I don't know that any of these are easily answered. I think almost all of them are interesting cases that I'd need to review or explain in detail, which I'm not prepared to do at the moment.
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