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Default DF: Mini Adventure; Valley of Anzlo

Anzlo Valley.

The Mayor Brobin of the small farming community requests the summons of your party due to some strange events happening to the people of the town of Anzlo in the Aldieron Mountain valley. The mayor invites the PCs to a dinner and then discusses the problem. He says many people have been
attacked for no reason and they often end up with hideous deformities. He summons his son who walks in with his arm twisted in an unnatural position and completely immobile. The mayor then tells his son Lazlo to explain what had happened.

The son says, "It was very late at night and I was walking on the trail through the woods and then it became incredibly dark, I heard some laughter and then I felt what seemed like many people grabbing me and then they held me down. The more I struggled the louder they laughed. Finally, it felt as if something had licked my arm. In a few seconds I had excruciating pain in my arm and could no longer move it. After a while theabsolute darkness cleared and I was able to walk home but still I am unable to use my arm."

The mayor explains that he has little in the way of money but he would give all he had if the PCs could get to the bottom of this situation.

If the PCs decide to take up the mayor's offer, he will allow them to stay in his manor. During the day, the PCs will notice that there are numerous people with deformities and crippled limbs. One person is the woodsman Karl who tells the PCs his story. "I was chopping wood for sale in the market and I stayed late because the tree I was trying to fell was very large. It became dark but I was still trying to chop the tree into logs.As I was cutting the logs, the lantern I was using went out and it became unnaturally dark. I heard laughter and then I was held to the ground and as I struggled I felt an extreme pain in my leg and soon I couldn't move it. After the darkness subsided I could see my lantern again."

There are many other stories like this from farmers staying out late to travelers coming home at night. After these events most of the town's people stayed in at night and placed holy symbols on their doors. Most people would refuse to even go into Anzlo forest because they fear it is
now haunted.

If the PCs decide to investigate, they will have to stay outside at night to figure out what is going on. If the PCs go into the forest, the young Huldrafolk (or huldra-elves) will be looking for them. If they are using torches or other lights then the huldra-elves will spot them easily. If not the huldra-elves will use their Per to find the PCs and if they do then they will use their stealth to try to sneak up on the PCs. First they will each cast their darkness spells on the PCs as will their demon Grom, a demon that was summoned by the young huldras to act as a bodyguard and to help the young huldra-elves work mischief. Grom has four arms and a bulldog-like face.

ST 25 DX 15 IQ 12 HT 13 HP 25 Will 15 Per 15 FP 13 Speed 7.00 Move 7.0 SM 1 DR 5 Dodge 10 Parry 12 (arm)

Weapons (18) claws swing 5d+1 cutting

Traits: Cmbat Reflexes; Dark Vision; Doesn't Breath, Eat, Drink, Sleep; Extra Arms; Extra Attacks 3; Immunity to Metabablic Hazzards; Indomitable, Injury Tolerance (No Blood, Brain, Neck, Vitals); Unfazable.

Skills: Brawling-18; Wrestling-18

Spells: Darkness-15

Class Demon

Note: Unwilling to negotiate.

Sanna Huldra-elf wizard

ST 7 DX 12 IQ 15 HT 10 HP 7 Will 15 Per 15 FP 20 Speed 5.50 Move 6 SM 0 DR 6 Dodge 9 Parry 9

Traits: Affliction 5 ** (Deformity, crippling; only by licking selected area and Remove Curse will remove affliction); Dark Vision; Magery 2;Magic Resistance 2 (Improved)

Skills: Stealth 12; Thaumatology 15; Staff 12; Knife 12

Spells : Darkness-18; Shape Darkness15; Summon demon18; Watchdog and others that are suitable

Sanna has studied magic and hopes one day to be a great wizard. She does not wish to kill others but she has no problem with crippling them as she thinks it's funny to watch those afflicted hobble about. If she is threatened then she will have no problem killing but she will warn before doing so. She wears huldra armor and a black robe over it. She has a staff and a dagger in her belt.

Zaal Huldra-elf soon-to-be-assassin

ST 8 DX 14 IQ 11 HT 10 HP 8 Will 11 Per 15 Speed 6.00 Move 7 SM 0 DR 6 Dodge 9 Parry 11

Skills : Sword-16, Stealth-18; Knife-15; Climbing-16; Filch-16; Escape-15; Lockpicking-15; Traps-15; Shadowing-18

Traits: Affliction 5 **(Deformity, crippling; only by licking selected area and Remove Curse will remove affliction); Dark Vision; Innate Magery 1;Magic Resistance 2 (Improved)

Spells: Darkness-12; Shape Darkness-12

Zaal has ambitions to become an elite assassin. He is cruel but also very callous. He would just as soon have killed the people he robbed as cripple them, that way they would have no story to tell. He listens to Sanna only because she has control of Grom, if he had his way he would use Grom to kill all of the people in Anzlo and then move on to another town. He wears huldra armor and has a short sword and back cloak. He will try to sneak up behind the PCs once he knows that they are powerful enough to harm them.

Thaum, Ozura, Meliha, and Doz have the same stats.

ST 8 DX 12 IQ 11 HT 10 HP 8 Will 11 Per 13 FP 10 DR 6

Traits: Affliction 5** (Deformity, crippling; only by licking selected area and Remove Curse will remove affliction); Dark Vision; Innate Magery 1;Magic Resistance 2 (Improved)

Skills: Sword-12; Stealth-12

Spells: Darkness-12; Shape Darkness-12

The four huldras are enjoying their new freedom and entertaining themselves at others expense. They are not killers.yet. But they may soon change their minds after the thrill of crippling others has passed. For now they are quite content. They wear huldra armor, black cloaks and use
short swords

*Huldra-elf armor is made of a metal that they have magically worked to be as flexible and light as leather. If the armor is exposed to sunlight for a day then it will become brittle and useless. Effects of sunlight are cumulative.

**Huldra-elf lick causes deformities and permanent paralyzation to afflicted body part. The arms and legs licked will become deformed and crippled while a lick to the face will cause the PC or NPC to lose one level of appearance and part of the face will be immobile. The PC or NPC
must be held down or otherwise immobilized to perform the affliction. Remove curse is the only way to remove this affliction and it is at -3 to roll.

These young huldra-elves will flee if combat goes against them. Grom will stand and fight as he was summoned to protect the young huldra-elves. He will let them return to the old rotted tree with a faery portal that takes them to a cave below. Grom will teleport to the cave if he is seriously injured. The PCs must use tracking or they must directly follow them to find the tree.

There is a tree in the forest that looks as if it is on the verge of dying. The trunk is huge and it is hollow inside with a natural opening. During the night when the dark faery magic is strong it has a stair case leading down into a cave, during the day the inside of the tree is normal. In this cave the six wicked little huldra-elves have decided to call home.
They have run away from their underground city and decided to seek fun and adventure. Now they are enjoying themselves by crippling and robbing the people of this small town. Once they get bored they will move along to work some more mischief elsewhere. In this cave is a statue that looks very similar to the demon Grom; in fact this statue gives the young huldras control over Grom. If the statue is broken then Grom will teleport home. The young huldras have also collected much in the way of treasure and magic items as they have stolen much from passing travelers.

Magic Item: statue of Grom. Gives a +5 to control Grom. It will only help the actual person that summoned him, in this case Sanna. If Grom is slain or returns back to his home plane and then resummoned then the +5 to control Grom will be in effect.

If Grom is defeated or the statue is broken allowing Grom to teleport home, then the young huldra-elves will continue fighting only if there is a chance of winning. If not they will beg for mercy and explain that they are young and will never do such a thing again. (Of course they are lying, but they believe what they are saying at the moment)

Huldra -elves have jet black skin and hair. Their eyes are red to orange. Huldra-elves are naturally cruel and delight in mischief that harms others. They are somewhat fickle but there are many different personalities among them. Some are extremely cruel or even evil wishing only to kill while others just delight in mischief like souring the milk and spoiling the food of farmers. Some are very serious and dedicated to pursuits such as magic, dark gods, combat, stealth and learning. Others care only for the moment and drink and rabble rouse. The young huldras here are just starting their lives of crime and mischief. Maybe later they will become devout demon worshippers or maybe just cruel jokesters. For now though, they are just behaving like young huldra-elves.

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