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Originally Posted by KDLadage
Draft v0.2 posted.

This draft gets a lot of work done in the Spell Descriptions section. I have about 11-14 pages of Spell Descriptions to go, and that part of the book will be done.

Last things to do after that:

1. Add in artwork
2. Repaginate (add/remove space to ensure headers are not isolated, or left with a single line of text, etc.)
3. Proofread.
4. Proofread.
5. Proofread.

(anyone want to volunteer to help proof this document?)

I could be wrong but I think It would have been easier and more beneficial to you if you were to put this document in a file readable by Microsoft Office or similar then once the formatting and such are completed to open your pdf program and convert the word processed file into a pdf (having already been through your word processor's spelling and grammar check)[note that I am not trying to criticize you]
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